Low Carb Island


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

It's Australia Day, January 26th and like a lot of typical Aussie Blokes I'm enjoying a delicious fried breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Steak, Tomato and Coffee. But you can't expect to eat that kind of food and loose weight right?! That stuff will block your arteries and send you to an early grave!...

20140126-084701.jpg This has been the wisdom of the 'health experts' for the past few decades. Telling us to base our diet on a food pyramid with a dodgy foundation. Bread, grains, cereals.

Ask any Aussie Cattle Farmer how to fatten up your livestock and they'll tell you, 'feed them grains'.

So let's look at the state of health since western society has adopted this 'healthy' Food Pyramid. • Obesity is on the rise • Diabetes is on the rise • Cancer, Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue, Fertility Issues, the list goes on!

It's time to step back and RETHINK the things we have been told by misinformed experts.

So this Australia Day, throw a thick juicy steak on the BBQ, smear it with butter and start loosing weight with LCHF.