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LCHF Couple Lost Over 230lbs

20140906-111743-40663317.jpgAs my blog followers know, at the start of the year I began my LCHF journey and 8 weeks later my partner joined the lifestyle too. Eight months on we have lost more between us than we each now weigh!!! Just over 105kgs lost (231.5lbs or 16.5 stone).

To say this has changed out lives is an understatement. Every day offers more now that our bodies and health are able to make the most out of each opportunity life presents.

I remember days where walking from the car to a seat at the park to look at the ocean was an effort. Now we bike ride to the beach and walk/jog a few KMs no trouble at all... While still being able to talk (not puffing for breath).

I'd like to challenge anyone that has been struggling with their health/weight not to wait to make a New Years resolution but to commit to change today. Once you get started you'll be amazed how easy it is and how quick you WILL SEE RESULTS!

Viva La Fat ;)

Check out my partners Facebook page at Sweet Nothings LCHF to read more of her journey.
For those who read my post last week and are wondering how I went this week... 2.4kgs lost this week.

Cheat Sheet

Thought I'd share a couple of little things that I enjoy on a regular basis which make me totally forget I've cut anything out of my diet.

20140329-114351.jpg Green & Blacks 70% Dark Organic is possibly the most delicious chocolate in the world! It was my favourite long before LCHF.

With 30 squares in a 100gram block and around 1 carb per square it's a nice treat which I enjoy slowly. Previously I could greedily gobble down a block of chocolate without blinking. Now I'll slowly dissolve a square in my mouth enjoying the rich flavours (especially with an espresso or bulletproof in hand). 3-6 squares a day are a delicious treat!

20140329-114848.jpg I always have a stash of oven roasted organic almonds on hand. These natural goodies are great if you just want something to nibble. Over 55% fat and less than 5% carbs whose complaining :)

20140329-115049.jpg If a soft-drink craving hits or just for a little extra 'bounce' I will add a Berocca to 300ml of sparkling mineral water. As I've not had sugar for three months now this actually taste like a Fanta style drink to my new taste buds and is full of great vitamins.

20140329-115415.jpg Last but certainly not least.... Bullet Proof Coffee. Grass Fed Unsalted Butter, Upgraded Coffee Beans & Upgraded MCT Oil blended together for a creamy, rich and filling beverage to get you going in the mornings.

Flat Chat

This past week has flown by with some very busy days on the road! I'm going strong with the LCHF lifestyle and excited for the next weigh in coming up. I'm also soooooo proud of my partner who has joined me in this new way of eating healthy and is steamrolling her weightloss journey!

We've had a few big successes at work of late so the boss put on a BBQ by the hwy for us all. Being an LCHF eater I was able to partake with much delight!

20140316-172146.jpg Bacon and Eggs has become a staple for me now and I'm seriously enjoying taking crispy strips of steaky bacon and making 'Bacon Soldiers' for my egg yolks!



I'm looking forward to getting home in a few days and grabbing some bulletproof coffees too.

Forgive Me Father for I Have Sinned!

Monday afternoon I met my partner at the shops for a quick afternoon tea and after doing so well all year I decided to splurge with a slice of Lime Swirl Cheesecake and an Irish Nut Creme Coffee. It wasn't an accident or a mistake. I enjoyed it and made a purposeful choice for that afternoon.

20140312-121118.jpg It was delicious however come the next day I felt lethargic all day and now two days on I am just getting over it. I was of course knocked quickly out of Ketosis and hope to be back in tomorrow or Friday at latest.

It's amazing how big an impact a little snack can have!

I tried something new last night for dinner from left overs and it was incredibly delicious! Three slices of left over meatloaf, spread with my tomato & onion sauce from the weekend and sprinkled with pizza cheese. I baked year for 15mins in a very hot oven and they came out like the most scrumptious meatloaf pizzas! Highly recommended!!! I'll be making more meatloaves just to make these a day or two later.


Stretched to Breaking Point

20140303-172423.jpg At the end of last year I looked down at my XXXXXL (that's 5XL) work shirt and observed my mass had grown soooo large that all five x's couldn't hold me in! The shirt was literally tearing under the pressure of my gut!

Tomorrow marks 9 WEEKS of eating healthy, low-carb, high fat goodness.

I am wearing that same work shirt today and am proud to say I easily have at least eight inches of spare fabric now around my torso. I find it mind blowing. The tangible difference in such a shirt spam of time.

I've done 'diets' before! • Weight Watchers • Lite & Easy • even low carb high protein

So what's changed???

I came to a couple of major realisations...

1) Diets don't work! Study after study has shown that the majority of people who go on 'diets' cannot maintain them long term due to feeling deprived and fighting constant cravings. Add to that most who do manage to loose weight end up gaining it all back with around 10% extra on top just for the effort.

2) I Was Poisoning Myself Daily! I've seen the health warnings we have here in Australia about how cigarette smoke is filled with toxins. As such I have never taken up smoking. Half a ciggy in 1994 was enough for me for life.

However the sugar, wheat, carbs I had been shoveling in to my body were (in my opinion) probably doing just as much damage to my future health outlook.

I have come to the understanding now that I need to eliminate the poisons and not confuse that with 'being on a diet'.

I have changed my lifestyle not gone on a diet. As such there will still be days and social events when I do indulge in some sugary carbs. A slice of birthday cake at a celebration for instance. However stoping by the bakery on a daily basis for a chocolate croissant or chocolate muffin is just ridiculous when you see it's the same as having birthday cake daily!

I am not on a DIET, I have cut out junk and now eat majority low carb, high healthy fat food.

The outcome? I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my life. Symptoms and illnesses I had assumed were par for the course have cleared up in a matter of weeks. I have lost masses of weight and am excite to LIVE this new lifestyle forever! I feel satiated and not deprived.

Feel free to come on this journey too!!!

Eight Weeks

Eight weeks in and feeling increasingly better with each new day! After my sojourn in Carb Land Saturday/Sunday I am fully back in the LCHF swing no drama or cravings at all. I'm keen to see my weigh in on March 8th to see if those couple of carby days even make a beep on the radar.

I thought I'd share a side-by-side photo from 6 weeks ago and just now. Ignore the obvious weight loss of hair lol. Check out the difference in inflammation around my eyes and also I think my skin is looking much healthier too!

A Weekend Off!

I took my partner away this weekend for our first child free holiday in almost 3 years. It was a wonderful relaxing time in the mountains. With nothing to do but enjoy each other's company. Both Saturday and Sunday evening we visited some high end restaurants mad I made a conscious decision to put aside the LCHF mantra for two nights and just enjoy dining out with the love of my life.

Some amazing food came our way including slow roast pork with Hervey Bay scallops, grass fed rib fillet with smoked Potatoe purée croquet, apple tart with pear caramel and ginger bread ice cream and a gooey centred chocolate pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and of course a few glasses of red wine.


Back home today and excited to get back into my healthy eating lifestyle. I decided to experiment with some of the ingredients I got at the Paleo Café on Friday and make a batch of LCHF cookies... Dark Choc & Macadamia Chunk. They were passable but not amazing... yet. I will put the recipe up once I perfect them, cause that's how I roll :) Here's a sneak peek.

20140224-145615.jpg Next time I'll add more butter!

Day 52 - Weigh In

I weighed in this morning and was delighted to see the scales light up with a reading of 123kg. To think just 52 days ago I was tipping the scales at 138.6kg! So with that good news in my mind and a day off work I decided to visit the Paleo Café in Brisbane for breakfast.

I had the Caveman's Breakfast and my first ever Bulletproof Coffee.

20140221-204025.jpg20140221-204033.jpg It was sooooo delicious and also very filling!

While I was there I couldn't help picking up some goodies to take home. They have a great range of products available at the Paleo Café.

This afternoon I visited Hog's Breath Cafe (a local steak house) with my mother and my boys planning to have a late lunch/early dinner.

Hog's Breath is a favourite 'go to' restaurant for me and I'm sure you can see why.....

However I found myself too full and satisfied from breakfast to even order anything today.

It is now 9:00pm and I am still satisfied! All I've had since breakfast is a few bottles of water.

Another awesome day of LCHF living!