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LCHF Couple Lost Over 230lbs

20140906-111743-40663317.jpgAs my blog followers know, at the start of the year I began my LCHF journey and 8 weeks later my partner joined the lifestyle too. Eight months on we have lost more between us than we each now weigh!!! Just over 105kgs lost (231.5lbs or 16.5 stone).

To say this has changed out lives is an understatement. Every day offers more now that our bodies and health are able to make the most out of each opportunity life presents.

I remember days where walking from the car to a seat at the park to look at the ocean was an effort. Now we bike ride to the beach and walk/jog a few KMs no trouble at all... While still being able to talk (not puffing for breath).

I'd like to challenge anyone that has been struggling with their health/weight not to wait to make a New Years resolution but to commit to change today. Once you get started you'll be amazed how easy it is and how quick you WILL SEE RESULTS!

Viva La Fat ;)

Check out my partners Facebook page at Sweet Nothings LCHF to read more of her journey.
For those who read my post last week and are wondering how I went this week... 2.4kgs lost this week.

Day 94 - Weigh In

A week ago I set myself a semi achievable goal of being 113.6kg by April 9th 2014. This would be day 100 of my LCHF lifestyle and would have given me a total weight loss of 25kgs since starting. My OCDish brain likes things in neat little packages like that :)

On top of that, the lightest I can remember being as an adult is 116kg back in 1999. So breaking that barrier I thought would be an exciting milestone.

Soooooo... today I decided to weigh in and check my progress after reaching 117.6kg just 15 days ago.

To my absolutely surprise the scales chimed in at precisely 113.6kg!!!

I am now the lightest I've been as an adult. Down 25kgs (55lbs) since starting LCHF on Dec 30th 2013 and 30kgs since my heaviest back in November 2013.

That's an average loss of 1.86kg a week! Not too shabby!

20140403-214745.jpg The next target in my sights... Breaking the big 100KG mark! Oh, it's happening!!!

Day 79 - Weigh In & Measure Up

Nearly two more weeks on and the weight continues to drop :)

20140320-095708.jpg21kgs (46lbs) lost since starting LCHF. 1.5 inches off my neck, 6.5 inches from my waistline and 4.5 inches in the chest!

I'm going to be putting a ill extra exercise now as I count down to 100days LCHF. I'm excited to see what numbers I can pull.

Health wise..... I have never felt better!!!

On a side note... It was great to see this on the news last night while eating dinner:

20140320-101020.jpg It's great to see the world is finally waking up!

Day 66 - Weigh In

Day 66... Time flies when you loosing bum! Or something like that. :) Less than 6 weeks ago I was proud to post that I had reached a milestone and forever left the 130kgs behind and weighed in at 129kgs.

Well, after today's weigh in I can boast that those 120kg days are now also forever behind me (pardon the pun).

As of this morning I am 119.2kgs and I'm not stopping! (Down from 143kgs last Nov and 138.6 when I started LCHF)

Has it been easy so far? Actually, comparably yes... I know for a lot of people it is a major struggle and I'm not trying to show off. I guess something has changed in me this year and I realize that anything easy has it's cost. Being overweight is easy but not cheap!

There have been sacrifices but nothing compared to the payoff of my health and happiness.

Before this year most people knew me as a very happy optimistic guy... Well now it's just reached sickening levels :) Life is great and I'm feeling unstoppable this morning!



Day 52 - Weigh In

I weighed in this morning and was delighted to see the scales light up with a reading of 123kg. To think just 52 days ago I was tipping the scales at 138.6kg! So with that good news in my mind and a day off work I decided to visit the Paleo Café in Brisbane for breakfast.

I had the Caveman's Breakfast and my first ever Bulletproof Coffee.

20140221-204025.jpg20140221-204033.jpg It was sooooo delicious and also very filling!

While I was there I couldn't help picking up some goodies to take home. They have a great range of products available at the Paleo Café.

This afternoon I visited Hog's Breath Cafe (a local steak house) with my mother and my boys planning to have a late lunch/early dinner.

Hog's Breath is a favourite 'go to' restaurant for me and I'm sure you can see why.....

However I found myself too full and satisfied from breakfast to even order anything today.

It is now 9:00pm and I am still satisfied! All I've had since breakfast is a few bottles of water.

Another awesome day of LCHF living!

Week Six Weigh-in

The past few days have been a challenge for my family with some medical issues taking us away from the normal routine of my days off work. Where we have been visiting has had no kitchen facilities and limited access to outside shopping or food. Through this I managed to stick with the LCHF lifestyle and resist the temptation of the easily accessible junk food.

So, week six weigh-in....... I am proud to say I am now down to 125.5kg. That's a total loss of 13.1kg (28.9lbs). Averaging around 2.2kg a week or 305gms.

I've been so impressed with the consistent weight loss and although I've not swayed from the LCHF path I keep expecting the loss to slow. Maybe next fortnight the loss won't be as dramatic, it will be interesting to look at the next average. However even losing 0.5kg a week I will be pretty much below 100kgs by Christmas 2014!

That's a pretty awesome concept!

Thanks for all your support everyone :)

One Month into a New Life

Today marks the first month milestone of my LCHF journey. So how has it been? Various long term symptoms have gone completely including: • Skin Disorders • Heartburn • Dizzy Spells • Fatigue • Mood Swings

My weight is consistently on an even downward gradient. As of this morning I am over 11kgs down for the month!

Mentally I am far more alert, rested and joyful (who wouldn't be eating BnE all the time)!

So what does a LCHF meal look like?

20140131-165551.jpg 20140131-165613.jpg I know... Poor deprived me :P

I really am EXCITED about the next month and more good things coming from finally eating healthy nutritious foods.

I've got to say one of the biggest things keeping me inspired are the great Podcasts by Jimmy Moore. Check him out at www.livinlavidalowcarb.com

BTW... Breakfast today, organic grass fed chicken eggs poached in grass fed unsalted butter. Soooooo good!!!!


Day 25

Back home from work for two days and after a good nights rest it was weigh in time.... I am very excited to say I have left the 130s behind me. I have reached 129kg this morning and shall never return beyond! As a treat I decided to cook something for dinner tonight I have never cooked before. My 'go to' roast meat has always been beef, followed closely by lamb, pork or turkey. For some reason in the past 20 years of cooking I had never tried roasting chicken. Why did I wait sooooo long? It was delicious.


It was so quick to prepare. My method was simply to take one organic, grass fed chook. Place a pierced lemon and some fresh herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme and marjoram) into the cavity, and seal it into a large oven bag with 2 peeled onions, 5 organic baby carrots, 4 chopped celery stalks, some garlic, salt & pepper and olive oil. Baked at 170°C for 1hr 40mins. The dish was accompanied by some pumpkin and sweet potatoe roasted in olive oil and fresh steamed broccoli.

Simple, delicious and great for us! So flavour full no gravy was required.... Just a spoonful of the garlicky, lemony pan juices.

Day 20

Not quite 3 weeks into my new eating lifestyle and it's going sooooo well! Zero cravings, feeling much less fatigued, previous long term skin irritation already totally cleared up! I'm loving LCHF. So where's the weight at now? As of this morning 131.4kg (289.7lbs). Great progress considering the only thing I have changed is my diet. I am still at the same level of daily activity I had been for years, no special exercise added in yet.


Who is Fatmandoo?

Towards the end of 2013 after weighing in at 138.6kgs (over 300lbs) I made the decision to do something about it once and for all. Not because I was unhappy with my size. As a father of two boys I needed to be healthy for them And my family! So on Dec 30th, 2013 I weighed in, took my measurements and began my LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) Journey.

Just days later on Jan 5th, 2014 my big brother passed away at only 44 years of age. This really hit home to me the importance of looking after myself to be the best I can for my family.

This blog will be a journal of my journey, the ups and downs and successes as I move towards a healthier me... You're welcome to join me on the adventure.


- Derek