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Day 94 - Weigh In

A week ago I set myself a semi achievable goal of being 113.6kg by April 9th 2014. This would be day 100 of my LCHF lifestyle and would have given me a total weight loss of 25kgs since starting. My OCDish brain likes things in neat little packages like that :)

On top of that, the lightest I can remember being as an adult is 116kg back in 1999. So breaking that barrier I thought would be an exciting milestone.

Soooooo... today I decided to weigh in and check my progress after reaching 117.6kg just 15 days ago.

To my absolutely surprise the scales chimed in at precisely 113.6kg!!!

I am now the lightest I've been as an adult. Down 25kgs (55lbs) since starting LCHF on Dec 30th 2013 and 30kgs since my heaviest back in November 2013.

That's an average loss of 1.86kg a week! Not too shabby!

20140403-214745.jpg The next target in my sights... Breaking the big 100KG mark! Oh, it's happening!!!