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Stretched to Breaking Point

20140303-172423.jpg At the end of last year I looked down at my XXXXXL (that's 5XL) work shirt and observed my mass had grown soooo large that all five x's couldn't hold me in! The shirt was literally tearing under the pressure of my gut!

Tomorrow marks 9 WEEKS of eating healthy, low-carb, high fat goodness.

I am wearing that same work shirt today and am proud to say I easily have at least eight inches of spare fabric now around my torso. I find it mind blowing. The tangible difference in such a shirt spam of time.

I've done 'diets' before! • Weight Watchers • Lite & Easy • even low carb high protein

So what's changed???

I came to a couple of major realisations...

1) Diets don't work! Study after study has shown that the majority of people who go on 'diets' cannot maintain them long term due to feeling deprived and fighting constant cravings. Add to that most who do manage to loose weight end up gaining it all back with around 10% extra on top just for the effort.

2) I Was Poisoning Myself Daily! I've seen the health warnings we have here in Australia about how cigarette smoke is filled with toxins. As such I have never taken up smoking. Half a ciggy in 1994 was enough for me for life.

However the sugar, wheat, carbs I had been shoveling in to my body were (in my opinion) probably doing just as much damage to my future health outlook.

I have come to the understanding now that I need to eliminate the poisons and not confuse that with 'being on a diet'.

I have changed my lifestyle not gone on a diet. As such there will still be days and social events when I do indulge in some sugary carbs. A slice of birthday cake at a celebration for instance. However stoping by the bakery on a daily basis for a chocolate croissant or chocolate muffin is just ridiculous when you see it's the same as having birthday cake daily!

I am not on a DIET, I have cut out junk and now eat majority low carb, high healthy fat food.

The outcome? I am feeling the best I have ever felt in my life. Symptoms and illnesses I had assumed were par for the course have cleared up in a matter of weeks. I have lost masses of weight and am excite to LIVE this new lifestyle forever! I feel satiated and not deprived.

Feel free to come on this journey too!!!