Low Carb Island


It's not just our lives and health that have been turned around by a Low Carb, High Fat lifestyle.
Everyday we receive messages from people who have found success through this way of eating.
Here are just a few stories of lives transformed.

Hi Low Carb Island,

I've lost over 100lbs in a year thanks to a ketogenic diet. Suggested by a doctor due to my medication resistant seizures.

I was also over weight and this has completely changed my life. I am seizure free for over 8 months, and made it through my first holiday season with no seizures, mental clarity I have never had in my life & energy and drive from my way of eating and the person my diet has helped me become.

This way of life is the only way for me, it's changed my life completely. I am all in #keto #LCHF

Thank you for your page!

- Carolyn

Hi Telaine & Derek,

When I started eating LCHF, I had one goal. And that was to lose 10kg before my very good friends wedding that I was to be groomsmen in just 4 months time! After only one month I hit that 10kg loss...could not believe my efforts so I doubled my target!

Guess what? The morning of the wedding, just 4 months after starting, I hit exactly 20kg loss!!! Thankyou to Derek and Telaine & all my local LCHF people that have helped me!

- Shaun

Good afternoon Derek & Telaine,

Adam and I started this journey together on July 13, 2014. It's the best decision we have ever made! As a couple we have lost just about 100 pounds. We have found so many different health and mental benefits to LCHF that we could go on and on.

Most notable improvements for myself: My face and neck, being that I have a neck and eyes again, my skin seems more bright and alive, sleep patterns regulated can fall asleep and wake up now when it was very hard to do both before, no more snoring, mood regulation is much more stable and at a level that there feels like significantly less lows to just overall happiness throughout the day, and definite increased energy! It's the best version of myself! My blood pressure was teetering on high and its now completely normal and my blood sugar readings were high for fasting at 205 and are now just above 100 in 7 months. Confidence and hope have grown so much! My whole life has changed for the better!!!

Adam's changes: The first thing that I noticed was how soft my skin became after about a week, it seriously felt like a baby's skin! Not to  have TMI but I have to say that gas has become almost nonexistent on this lifestyle. I have found my energy levels to absolutely have gone through the roof. I sleep deeper and more soundly but feel more rested on Five hours of sleep than I used to on nine or ten hours. I have gone from a 38 inch waist to 34 and gone from a xxl to large in shirts, sizes I haven't seen since early high school. I have also found that I am significantly less moody and grumpy and our marriage has gotten even better because of all these benefits!

Becky xo